What You Need to Know before Your Doctor’s Appointment

We look forward to caring for you during your appointment at Dunsmuir Medical Clinic! To ensure you are prepared for that day, we recommend taking a look at the topics below. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us during office hours.


Regular appointments are 10 minutes long. Longer appointments must be scheduled for physical exams/medicals, etc. Please inform staff when you book your appointment if you are coming for any of these reasons.

Rapid Access Booking Appointments

For urgent problems, we always try to accommodate your request on the same day. Please try to phone around 8:30 AM on the day you would like to be seen, and we will fit you in with one of our Rapid Access slots (and deal with ONE urgent problem only).


When cancelling an appointment, please try and allow 24 hours’ notice. We work hard trying to get patients in to see a doctor in a timely fashion; repeat offenders of 3 or more no-shows are at risk of losing their family doctor, as well as being charged for missed appointments.

Telephone & Urgent Matters

The staff does not give medical advice, diagnoses, or test results over the phone. If you wish to discuss any matter with your physician, please make an appointment. In an emergency, please call 911 or proceed directly to the hospital.

Forms & Letters

If your appointment is for forms or a letter, please let our staff know at the time of booking. In most cases, these services are billable to the patient directly, as they may not be covered by MSP. Fees are listed below.

What to Expect on Appointment Day

Please bring all medications to every office appointment. Upon arriving, please report to the desk and check in. We will usually deal with one main problem per visit. If we cannot deal with extra problems in the time we have, we may ask you to book another appointment to make sure we give you the best care possible.

Test Results

Please follow up any tests ordered by your doctor with an appointment, as we have many ways of receiving your results (i.e. via fax, mail, internet, telephone, etc.). We do not want anyone to fall through the cracks, so please do not expect that we will call you with your test results. Always follow up with your doctor.


Prescriptions will NOT be renewed by telephone or fax. People taking routine medications should be followed up regularly by their family physicians and, for this reason, prescriptions will be renewed at an office visit. Your physician will provide you with an appropriate number of refills based on the nature of your problem and the type of medication you are taking.



You must inform the office at the time of booking if you are coming for a WCB visit in order for us to file a medical report for your claim.

Uninsured Services

There are many services that your physician provides that are not covered by your MSP. MSP considers these services “non-medically necessary.” These services are billable to the patient directly, and payment is due upon receipt. Cash or cheque only.

Complete Physical – $170

Driver’s Medical – $120

Disability Tax Certification – $75

Time Loss Forms – $45

Employee Insurance Exam – Inquire about cost

One-Sided Form – $30

Two-Sided Form – $50

Injections (Pain Relief) – $15

Off Work/School Note – $15

SPARC & EI Forms – $30

Please note that fees are subject to change.

Complete physicals are not covered under MSP insured services. If you have any questions concerning this, please contact BCMA at 1-800-665-2262.

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